Learning Is Eaning

Why Learning Is Earning so

Observe the word LEARN. If you separate the alphabet "L" from it,it will become Earn. So,the point is learning always gives you earning .So,this L is everything. This L can be your lethargic attitude in your life which stops you from many things. Happiness is not about what you get! It's all about what you become or became in your life .What you are earning and what you are getting is not important rather important is what you are become

The average successfull people read 20-30 books in a year .Why ? Because they know that the key to success is constant learning Warren Buffet read 500pages per day. Books are your true friends and the best thing is that you can get them anywhere .I
f not hard copies then nowadays soft copies are easily accessible in your phone.

How can you make PERCEPTION better? How can you make approved better than earlier?You can do it by learning from the experiences of other people's biographies and autobiographies .So books are not the actual source  but learning from anything available to you and incorporating it in your life is the path of improvement or raising standard.

You must have hear the quote READERS ARE LEADERS
So,If you want to be a leader then you have to be a reader first. A leader is the one who not only reads books but also read his life too,studies his strengths and weaknesses, find out his shortcomings and work upon them.

Learning improves your standard and your a standard make your life!

Just reading or listening is not important but incorporating that into one's life is important...!

So,keep going for learning as it's the only key  which will enhance your Earning to


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